Free Range 2018

91 Brick Lane

Graduate Art & Design Shows
Free entry
Shoreditch High Street
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In some ways, a graduate show is the best kind of art show to go along and see. Firstly they're free, but there's also no big name or reputation attached to the works you're looking at so you make your own mind up, form your own opinion. Oh shit, on second thoughts, perhaps a big name is exactly what you need. Free Range is the biggest creative graduate show in Europe: a summer series of weekend shows taking place in the big space at Old Truman Brewery that give those prodigious artists a chance to show the fruits of their labour. But more importantly for you, if you've got a good eye, you might find the next Tracey Emin, buy some work and then sell it on for millions in ten year's time - which is what art is really all about. This the programme: Design Week: 14.06-18.06 Photography Week One: 21.06-25.06 Photography Week Two: 28.06-02.07 Art Week: 05.07-09.07 Interior Design & Architecture Week: 12.07-15.07

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