Frames of Representation

The Mall · Thu 20th Apr 19:00

Documentary Film Festival
Piccadilly Circus
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Work work work work.. if you're feeling a little bogged down about your steady 9-5, it may be time for a reality check and these docs are here to give it to you. For its second year, the Frames of Representation documentary film festival will screen international films that all revolve around the concept or experience of work. From the exploitation of mass-production textile factories (Machines), to soldiers on the front lines of war in Somalia (Mogadishu Soldier); to building bridges through therapy (You Have No Idea How Much I Love You), to the effects of economic catastrophe (The Solitude), these stories aim to open your eyes, provide engaging social commentary and blur the lines a bit between art and activism. There will also be panel discussions about documentary filmmaking, as well as events to promote the discussion of the themes, politics, and social implications of the films. Single: £11 - 3 to 7 screenings: £9 each - 8-10 screenings: £8 each - all 11 films: £90

Tickets: £8-50

Telephone020 7930 3647
Thursday 20th April
19:00 - 22:00
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