Frames of Representation 2018

The Mall

Documentary Film Festival
Piccadilly Circus
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Frames of Representation is back, and this time its coming at you with some hard-hitting, bleeding-edge, on-the-ground, in-your-face, skull-splitting documentaries about landscape. Through a series of screenings and discussions, Frames of Representation will be delving feet first into this multifaceted concept, looking at how filmmakers, thinkers and activists are addressing environmental issues. Look out for Black Mother (Fri 20th @ 8:30pm), a cinematic ode to Jamaica, conjuring up the island in a polyphony of voices, textures and tales; as well as Cocote (Sat 28th @ 8:15pm), which is a sensory portrait of the syncretic, multi-layered landscape of the Dominican Republic.

Tickets: £12

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