For The Love of Reggae ft. Mungo's Hifi

184 Camden High St · Fri 13th Oct 22:00

Dubbed Out Goodness • £13.50
Camden Town
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Ok, we only very rarely peddle any club night whose fan-bases fall under the umbrella of ‘white guys with dreadlocks who think flaming poi should be an olympic sport and enthuse about a healthy lifestyle for body and mind while huffing ketamin off a Bill Hicks DVD.’ But hey, we have to step outside our comfort zone sometimes and we’re happy to do it for Mungo’s Hifi, the Scottish crew of dub DJs whose homemade sound-system will probably be the beefiest you’ve ever heard. So come along, feel the rumbles in your chest.

Tickets: £13.50

Friday 13th October
22:00 - 03:30
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