Florence Peake: We Perform I am in Love with my Body

Unit BGC, Bussey Building

Nude Expressions of Movement
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Peckham Rye
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Given the fact that Florence Peake is a dancer and choreographer, it's only natural that her latest drawings centre around the human body in some kind of motion. Sure, they're naked drawings, but these are a class apart from your honeypie's life drawing drafts (not that they're not good hun xoxo). From what we can tell/read on the press release, Peake makes these drawings as part of a choreographed performance with the paper laid out on the floor as she moves around it with the brush in her hand. The results are strange, slightly abnormal forms with curves and flesh aplenty, reflecting her wish to explore the body as a place for pleasure to sink into. They might look slightly rough and imperfect, but if the idea is to capture the fleeting moment of movement then we think she's done it nicely.

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