Five Day Forecast 2019

96-98 Pentonville Road

New Band Festival
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For a moment there we forgot that guitar bands and the like were still a thing. But they are, and this 5-day special at the Lexington is a showcase of the good shit currently being put out there. Every year the music publication Line of Best Fit puts together a bill of artists and bands who they think are doing interesting things. They're probably THE reputable source when it comes to indie music - we'd trust them with our lives! But we'd also trust them with our ears, which is probably more relevant. This year is no different, with a stacked line up of kids on the cusp of potential greatness. Names to look out for include Millie Turner, Jockstrap and Squid, but it pays to take a few chances on names you don't know. Tickets are a steal at £9.90 for each show and it's no surprise that this always sells out. It's an excellent snapshot of what's fresh on the scene.

Tickets: £9.90

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