Faye Wei Wei: Anemones and Lovers

205 Royal College St

Dreamy Oil Paintings
Free entry
Camden Road
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Dreamy paintings "made up of figures floating within a luminous sea of oil paint" is how British Chinese artist Faye Wei Wei describes her works and this is her debut show — she was born in 1994 which makes us slightly old. Her paintings are a sensual exploration of myth, love and memory and are brimming full of all kinds of symbols: snakes, suns, mirrors, boxers and lions to name but a few. It's a surreal mixture that also nod to some classical influences from her art education. What comes out the other end are poetic, romantic and pretty darn sensual works. She seems destined for big things, so this could be your big chance to tell everyone you knew all about her before she goes all Damien Hirst and stars putting dead animals in formaldehyde.

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