The Facts on Fake News
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When does a hill become a mountain? When does a boy become a man? When does fake news become real news? The latter question has been plaguing pundits and consumers since Trump's tiny hands grabbed our attention on the campaign trail, and the fake news industry that bolstered his baffling popularity came to the fore of our consciousness. Four brave souls on this panel are going to try and figure it out, and will also extrapolate all the other perplexing particularities of the fake news world. They are: Sheila Burnett, former photographer/employee of The Sun; Jonathan Shainin of The Guardian; and James Ball, journalist and author of Post Truth: How Bullshit Conquered the World. This discussion will be chaired by Charlotte Higgins, Chief Culture Writer at The Guardian.

Tickets: £5-7

Telephone020 7359 4404
Thursday 20th July
18:00 - 19:30
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