Extravaganza Macabre

Lavender Hill

Open Air Theatrical Folly
Clapham Junction
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Little Bulb, masters of whimsical theatrical frolics, have created this show alongside the BAC to christen their new Courtyard Theatre. Three performers tell the story of two lovers, torn apart by a storm and trying to re-unite with the help of a street urchin and a clairvoyant maid, whilst foiling an evil Count’s dastardly plans. Yep, this is the sort of show where words like ‘dastardly’ are used unabashedly. The three sing and play a range of instruments, use ingenious props and costumes, and charm the pants off everyone. It’s knowingly ramshackle, clever throughout and very funny to boot. Hurrah.

Tickets: £12.50-30

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