Exploring Spaces of Tomorrow: Space10

31 New Inn Yard

Future of Urbanisation
Shoreditch High St
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We've got it on good authority that urbanisation is only going to increase: by 2050 it's estimated that 70% of people will be living in cities. But London, and other such megatropolises, feel pretty full. So how is it all going to work? This week-long event, put on by IKEA's research lab Space10, is a thorough exploration of the consequences of urbanisation and the spaces we inhabit. And it might just provide the blueprint for what's to come - otherwise we could well be fucked. Taking over Protein Studios in Shoreditch, this is that classic mix of workshops, talks and exhibitions with each day welcoming a different collaborator or studio to put their ideas forward. Look out for Central Saint Martin's exhibition on how we might design shared spaces that empower the many (Tuesday 19th); a talk with WikiHouse on the notion of portable spaces (Thursday 21st); and the final day exhibition with Ma-tt-er which explores how materials and textures affect our experience and understanding of space (Saturday 23rd).

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