Dram & Smoke: Bothy Nights Christmas

2-3 Black Swan Yard

Scran, Bevvies and Highland Cheer
London Bridge
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Dram & Smoke have put together another convivial sharing feast for festive frolicking and it's making us feel warm on the inside and out. Bothy is a Scottish term for a small hut farmers shelter in when it gets frosty up on the mountains. Now, 1) this may not be small but it’s sounding cosy as heck, and 2) you may not be a mountain farmer (we think), but you worked damn hard this harvest and you deserve a little shelter from the cold harshness of London Town. With flickering lanterns, steaming beverages and a general air of merriment, Dram & Smoke have put together a beacon of festive warmth for you to come and feast, drink and karaoke your way into Yuletide. Tickets are £65, which will net you a welcome cocktail from their eggnog-free bar, a four-course feast of Highland scran, another cocky-T with dessert, and an evening of Christmas games, singing, and general festive cheer. A great shout for a Christmas get together with the people you love, like, or work with.

Tickets: £65

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