Doreen Fletcher

183 Bow Road

Scenes from the East End
Bow Church
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Do you remember when Shoreditch was more than a collection of tech startups, concept stores and wannabe influencers posing in front of its street art? Doreen Fletcher certainly does, having spent three decades painting street scenes of London’s East End. Giving up her work, after being unable to recognise the rapidly changing neighbourhoods (we’re looking at you Cereal Killers), her pieces have been rediscovered and are being put on show back in the East LDN where it all began. A reflection on the immense change London has seen in the past 30 years, this collection of very well executed architectural and urban paintings will make you question the dynamics of immigration and gentrification within cities for a hot second, right before you upload a photo of a £4 artisanal coffee to the gram. Estimated dwell time: 30 mins

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