Old Skool Hip Hop • £17.50
Cambridge Heath
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In an ideal world, if we had to choose the perfect dinner party guest, DJ Premier would be at the top of our list. Linking up to produce for legends like D’Angelo, Jay Z and Nas over the last thirty years means he's defo got a few good stories up his sleeve (or so we've heard). Not only was he rollin' with the biggest names in hip hop, he was also pioneering a sound of his own as one half of iconic duo Gang Starr. There's nothing this man can't do, and he'll be proving it at one of the best oval-shaped spaces this city has to offer. This is as real a snapshot of 90s hip hop as you’re gonna get, and rather than school you with a snobby history lesson, he’s just gonna effortlessly drop Mobb Deep and A Tribe Called Quest as if to say "yeah, I fucking made that." He's just fucking cool like that.

Tickets: £17.50

Telephone020 7183 4422
Friday 24th March
19:00 - 22:30
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