Dazed & Confused + Everybody Wants Some!! • 420 Double Feature

7 Leicester Pl · Fri 20th Apr 20:30

Linklater Stoner Shiz
Leicester Square
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Richard Linklater loves Texas so much he might as well marry it. This double feature features double trouble of his lovesongs to the Lone Star State, in the form of Dazed and Confused and Everybody Wants Some!! The former is a 90s coming-of-age classic full of your requisite teen rowdiness, about a group of friends in Austin on their last day of high school. The latter, which is one of Linklater's newer projects, is about a college freshman in Texas in the 80s and is also full of teen rowdiness. We're sensing a theme here. Even though it's 4/20, you sadly don't get a joint with your ticket, but you do get can of beer. And we certainly won't tell anybody if you take a lil hit of the devil's lettuce between screenings.

Tickets: £12.50

Telephone020 7494 3654
Friday 20th April
20:30 - 00:30
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