Monumental Architecture
£10.90/£8.20 concessions
Holland Park
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We don’t really erect statues of people anymore as a society. Maybe that's because approximately 90% of the statues in London are of white men who have been involved in some pesky colonial exploit or state-sanctioned genocide. However this isn’t to say we don’t build monuments anymore; they just look different and serve different purposes. British-Ghanian star architect David Adjaye takes us through seven of his most monumental buildings - from the African American museum of history in Washington DC to London’s new Holocaust memorial. He's exploring how, in the 21st century, places of remembrance and collective memories are less about fixed ideals and more about opening up a dialogue. Adjaye encourages critical conversations about his work, which we took as free license to loudly comment on this show as you pass through it. It’s what David would have wanted. Estimated dwell time: 1 hour

Tickets: £10.90/£8.20 concessions

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