Dancing In The Dark - NYE 2019

Old Trades Hall · Mon 31st Dec 20:00

Golden Era Bangers • £16.50
Hackney Central
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Looking for a thriller of a night? Do you really just wanna dance with somebody, maybe even, depending on how the night goes, feel the heat with somebody? Is it finally time to cut loose, like, fully footloose, Kevin Bacon style? Are all these 80s music references spinning you right round - a bit like a record, perhaps? Lol OK we'll stop now. Come pay homage to these 80s classics at Moth Club's infamous 'Dancing in the Dark' night - a night that promises banging tunes, plenty of shape throwing, and some serious shredding pon le dance floor. We expect your hair to be combed halfway up to the ceiling and skin-tight garms with wavey patterns - it's about to be 1989, baby.

Tickets: £16.50

Monday 31st December
20:00 - 04:00
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