Championing New Voices in Theatre
£12-15 (Or 3 for £30)
Dalston Junction
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Arcola’s yearly Creative/Disruption festival is a platform for the stories and storytellers who often don’t get the chance they deserve - giving women/LGBTQ+/ethnic minorities/old folk access to the megaphone that the archetypal middle class white male is handed at birth. It’s a fantastic way to catch something unique on the stage as this wider net of representation unearths ideas that are otherwise missed amongst all that homogeny. Between now and April you can hear about the forgotten women of Troy, community stories about a Hackney mosque, or the past 50 years of queer liberation. There’s also package deals that work out to three plays for 30 quid - an excellent chance to broaden those horizons of yours.

Tickets: £12-15 (Or 3 for £30)

Tickets£12-15 (Or 3 for £30)
Telephone020 7503 1646
Monday 18th February
18:00 - 00:00
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