Cosmic Love! A Valentine's Special For Psychedelic Couples

8 Mackintosh Lane · Thu 14th Feb 18:45

A Very Intimate Workshop
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Honesty! Public displays of affection! Eye contact! Most of us struggle with these basic acts of compassion to some extent, so this Valentine’s Day why not jump into the deep end of interpersonal connection with bae at this workshop at The Psychedelic Society. Cosmic Love is an evening dedicated to helping break down those barriers between you and your loved one through a series of physical activities like tantric breathing, blindfolded feeding, tango and conscious adoration in a safe space. It's not the cheapest evening around, but can you really put a price on the unification of two souls drifting through the cosmos? Yes, it’s 60 quid.

Tickets: £50-60

Thursday 14th February
18:45 - 21:45
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