Condo Festival 2018


International Gallery Collab
Free entry
Stepney Green
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It sure warms the heart to see a bit of collaboration between the world's independent art galleries. Condo is an annual event that finds 17 London spaces opening their doors and welcoming in something edgy and independent from overseas. At places like Arcadia Missa, Project Native Informant and Carlos/Ishikawa, expect to see the best bits from galleries such as Berlin's Sociétè; New York's Queer Thoughts; and Warsaw's Stereo. If we were going to send you to one place, we'd tip Tobias Zielony's documentary photography of juvenile communities in the suburbs that's on show as part of Berlin gallery Kow's takeover at Project Native Informant. But this is also the type of event worth taking a chance on.

Tickets: Free entry

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