Combining Materials

36 Newman Street

Abstract Sculpture
Goodge Street
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Whoever named this show definitely deserves a big slap on the back for their clear communication. The exhibition features sculptural works from six international artists, each exploring different materials by assembling them together in unexpected ways. Sort of like a bunch of modern-day, art-grad Victor Frankensteins. Found objects, fabrics, man-made and natural substances all mesh together to make you think about the properties, behaviours and very ‘being’ of the materials. Be careful you don’t have a total physical existential crisis when you go though, m8. Keita Miyazaki brings you the dose of origami x car engine parts you never knew you needed, Felicity Hammond bends matter like a construction warlord, and Tulio Pinto balances glass and rock in a position more precarious than your dry January resolution. Shit’s getting real 3D, don’t miss it.

Tickets: Free

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