Scuzzy Indie • £13
Mornington Crescent
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Whatever happened to the pop-punk nerds you went to secondary school with that were quietly tucked away writing music? Well, they grew up and became Cloud Nothings, your new fave scuzzy indie punk band. They've joined the high ranks of fellow US indie trailblazers like Wavves and Titus Andronicus when it comes to music that is never done in halves – they've created an incredible body of work that's brazen, vulnerable and just downright fucking cool. We dare you to listen to their latest record 'Life Without Sound' and not be blown away. You won't be leaving this show without dripping from head to toe, so make sure to wear an old t-shirt, because it's gonna get really fucking filthy.

Tickets: £13

Telephone020 7388 3222
Tuesday 21st March
19:00 - 23:00
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