Cinema in the Snow

Amhurst Terrace

Christmas Films in a Wintry Wardrobe
Rectory Road
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These days, if you walk into a nondescript warehouse in East London and don’t find a seasonal wonderland, you’re gonna be pretty taken aback. Which is what awaits here. Venture through the fur coats and moth balls, and… BOOM it’s the surprise you’d been expecting - an enchanted, snowy cinema for you to watch all the seasonal classics: we’re talking Elf, we’re talking Home Alone, and we’re of course talking Love Actually. Not the most original programming but come on, Christmas isn't about originality. The snow isn’t real so don’t worry about digging out your old ski gear, but a Christmas jumper isn’t going to hurt the experience. Further wintry immersion will be seen to with mulled wine and brownies, but curiously there's no mention of mince pies.

Tickets: £20

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