Extravagant Festive Feast
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Remember that time you did acid on Christmas day and things got a little weird? Well this is exactly like that. Run by the ever mystical Marbles and Ware collective, ChristMess is a indulgent feasting den. Gather a group of unsuspecting pals and watch them lose their shit as complete madness ensues. Course upon course of honey roast ham, cajun turkey, shrimp remoulade, truffled brussels with roasted chestnuts, candied yams, cauliflower gratin, cornbread stuffing, Christmas pudding, and all sorts of other edibles will be pilled onto plates, then into mouths. Think your mates will be satiated with dinner, live music, performers, and dancing on tables? Or will they need to explore the various rooms filled with festive frolics, including the Absinthe Fairy's cocktail bar and Old Nicky's grotto? Guess we'll find out.

Tickets: from £55

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