Grime • £11
Old Street
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We know what you're thinking - 2am finish on a week night, wtf are Dojo playing at? Well yes, but this gig is totally worth the watery-eyed yawns the next morning. XOYO are celebrating their 5th birthday party in style with help from none other than the elusive, masked grime star CASisDEAD. We've bigged him up for ages now, with his unique brand of woozy Drive soundtrack beats and dark storytelling, and now he's blessing us once again with his frenzied live show. For those of you who love a mid-week thrill, or just downright love banging grime tunes, this is where it's fuckin' at.

Tickets: £11

Telephone020 7354 9993
Wednesday 16th August
21:00 - 02:00
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