Cacotopia 02

472 Hackney Road

Contemporary Fine Art Graduates
Cambridge Heath
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Globalisation, social interaction and the internet are all hot topics at the moment, so who better to steal your pub-chat opinions from than five multidisciplinary MFA graduates from the likes of the Slade, Goldsmiths and UAL’s Chelsea? Head down to the second edition of the group show Cacotopia, where five artists battle it out (in the most abstract and un-Apprentice way possible) to win the second ever Annka Kultys award. This year’s graduates include Bob Bicknell-Knight, who's the founder of isthisit?, an online platform for artists exploring our experiences in the increasingly digital world; Michal Plata; Dominic Dispirito, who can paint, sculpt and only bloody animate all off his iPhone; found-object whizz Yarli Allison; and Hugo Servanin. Each artist will exhibit for one week each over the five-week run, so when your GP asks if you’re getting your five-a-day, just respond by saying that’s a load of advertising bollocks, but what does he think of this contemporary digital sculpture instead?

Tickets: Free

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