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Bethnal Green
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The Social Bloc want to give you an education. Their plan is to share different aspects of African culture through food, music and art. What's the best way to get people to your event? Make it a brunch, of course. It may be your typical brunch fare but the food is looking fly. Scoff grilled sardines with green salsa and chilli jam; marinated chicken with crispy okra; or pan fried cod with coconut sauce. Finish with a cinnamon and banana fritter. You can go all out with the day ticket (brunch, drinks and music) or get access after 5pm instead. In that case you'll join just in time for Mimosa hour, the live band and DJ BAJ's eclectic tunes. Think Afrobeats, Afro juju and the like.

Tickets: £15-35

Saturday 20th May
14:00 - 23:00
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