Brainchild Takeover: Red Moon Safari

Leake Street · Sat 23rd Feb 22:30

Surreal Party
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Those wild cats behind one of our favourite festivals Brainchild are throwing a party at the Vaults. And, if the creativity, surrealism and good vibes of the festi are anything to go by, it's going to be an occasion. Labelling it a 'retro desert dream', two rooms will be transformed into a landscape of giant and mysterious creatures from the mind of musician and artist Jacob Read (Jerkcurb and of Horsey). You'll get DJs, bands, games by DIY cabaret collective Piñata and one-man nature documentary Luke Rollason (of Planet Earth). It’s gonna be out-there, the only question remains - will you be there, wearing your craziest trousers?

Tickets: £11.50

Saturday 23rd February
22:30 - 02:30
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