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24 Ashwin Street

Topical Double Bill
Dalston Junction
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Following up the critical and public success of last year's one woman play Angel was always gonna be a tall order for Henry Naylor. But, not one to shy away from a challenge, he’s going in with not one but TWO plays running simultaneously at Arcola. Borders is a tale of two artists - one a celebrated Western news photographer, the other a Syrian graffiti artist - whose lives operate on very different tangents... until they don’t. With Naylor's trademark sharp dialogue, this is an absurd and biting look at the West’s handling of the Syrian crisis through the lens of our obsession with celebrity. Games is set in 1936 Nazi Germany in the run up to the Olympic Games. It follows a Jewish athlete and the prejudice she is running from and against. It’s another highly relevant tale looking at the rise of far-right populism. Both shows can be seen as a double bill for a discounted price, or separately if you’re the restless type.

Tickets: £10-22

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