Binaural Dinner Date

35-47 Bethnal Green Road

Speed Dating x Immersive Theatre
Shoreditch High Street
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Dating is, when you take a moment from writing those tall tales on your Bumble profile, a strange thing. And this interactive event, kind of a mash-up between speed dating and immersive theatre, is an odd, funny and occasionally excruciating deconstruction of that ritual. Presented by ZU-UK, makers of bold, playful and participatory projects, this basically entails a dinner date in which you go along, get matched with someone and then follow a series of activities and prompts given through earphones and props. There will be eye-contact; awkward - and occasionally deep - questions; plenty of surreality and maybe even some learnings. We’re not going to give too much away on this, but they’re inviting genuine applications from people looking for love, or existing couples who simply want a very different dating experience. Go get 'em, lover.

Tickets: £10-20

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