Bill Viola/Michelangelo

Burlington House

Contrasting Counterparts
Green Park
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Pairings don’t come more unusual than Renaissance heavy-weight Michelangelo and video artist Bill Viola, who rose to (partial) fame in the 90s for his video installations on the nature of the human soul. This show takes a collection of Michelangelo’s drawings (and one lovely marble sculpture) which Viola encountered in 2006 and places them alongside Viola’s videos, which deal with the physical form, emotion and ageing. Videos of naked withering bodies juxtapose 16th century drawings of virile nudes, mortality is a central theme in both- even if it’s coming from two ends of the spectrum. This is definitely a bold move from Viola’s part, the curation of this show heavily implies that Viola’s work should in theory hold its own against one of the Western world’s most celebrated painters. Sometimes it’s a stretch, but we appreciate an artist with some cojones. Respect. Estimated dwell time: 1 hour

Tickets: £18

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