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Nobody really does an old school gay disco party quite like Eagle London. There's a reason they gave birth to veteran party-peddlers Horse Meat Disco way back in 2003, and now there's a new club night giving the Sunday night staple a run for its money. So what's it all about then, ey? Well, first off it's called Bender! - that should give you a good idea of the levels of queer debauchery we're likely to get into. Tunes will be of the italo/classic house/pop flavour and delivered by one of the scene's iconic DJs Wes Baggaley. Oh yeah - and it's five quid. So go check it out, you might find a new place to park your bum on a Friday night.

Tickets: £5

Friday 18th January
21:00 - 04:00
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