Beauty and the Feast

Launcelot St

Immersive Dining
Opens at 19:00
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If you think dinner has been missing some panache recently, then try out this immersive dining experience at The Vaults. A three course banquet with drag, slapstick, singing, and dancing on tables - a surefire way to inject some oomph into your supper. Based on Beauty and the Beast, the night will see your host, Fairy Liquid, matchmake the titular Beast with a mighty fine Belle - which, of course, requires plenty of audience participation and raucous behaviour. The decor is hella stately, with chandeliers hanging above long tables and velvet draping from the ceiling. The dress code? Regal french fashion done with a passion, of course. Suit up, sit down, and scoff your face with whole spiced pumpkins, slabs of venison, and blue cheese cheesecake - then, let the mischief begin.

Tickets: £45-55

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