Festival of Thought
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2017 was a bit of a shocker, right? Well, 2018 seems pretty determined to match it: Donald 'n' Kim looking to form some kind of dictatorial super group; Big Data looking bigger and bolder than ever; and climate change still out there, doing its thing. Seems like a solid time to be hosting a conference aimed at challenging conventional wisdom and juggling around new ideas. Enter Battle of Ideas, back for another year of panels, talks, and debates. The central ethos of the festival is 'openness': as long as you are ready to challenge, be challenged, and potentially have your mind changed, all debate is welcome. With topics ranging from sex robots to Kanye, there will definitely be something on the agenda that tickles your intellectual fancy. It's a little pricey but be sure to check their website as they have some serious deals for concessions.

Tickets: £20-100

Telephone020 7269 9220
Saturday 13th October
08:30 - 21:00
Sunday 14th October
09:00 - 21:00
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