Bad Roads


Women in Wartime • Theatre
Sloane Square
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We tend to think of war as a man's game, but what about the galdem? What does being a woman in wartime look like? That's the central question in Ukrainian playwright Natal'ya Vorozhbit's play, Bad Roads, now translated to English for an upcoming performance at the Royal Court Theatre. Vorozhbit is the big dog of Ukrainian theatre, and her latest work probes the female experience of the conflict in her home country. It follows five women: a journalist on the front lines of the battle, three teenage girls waiting for soldiers on a bench, and a medic mourning her lover who was killed in action. While the subject matter may be grim, the tone is sardonic and bitterly comic, providing a heart-wrenching account of the wartime narratives that are all to often left untold.

Tickets: £12-25

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