Ashton Attzs: Queering the Quotidian

15 Hanbury Street · Thu 6th Dec 19:30

Don't Stay in Ya Lane
Free with RSVP
Shoreditch High Street
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Ashton Attzs has been causing a bit of a stir in the art world. Their joyfully optimistic pastel portraits of the experience of being a genderqueer person of colour have earned them The Evening Standard Art Prize, accolades at the Anti Art Fair and, what we all really want deep down, attention. Now Creative Debuts and Adidas will be displaying the 20-year-old London-based artist’s first solo show. Queering the Quotidian is a celebration of the gap between the middle-of-the-road, fairytale day-to-day experience that no one really has and that of genderqueer, non-binary people of colour and other under-represented folk. It’s a positive, colourful reminder that we shouldn’t all be aiming to colour within the lines.

Tickets: Free with RSVP

TicketsFree with RSVP
Thursday 6th December
19:30 - 22:30
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