Ashley Bickerton: Ornamental Hysteria

Newport Street

Parodying Art & Consumerism
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Lambeth North
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“Painting is too cartoony, photography too clinical, sculpture too presumptuous. But a mixture of all three seems about right. And it’s only in the interchange between the three that I find my true comfort zone.” Having exploded in New York's hip East Village in the 1980s, Ashley Bickerton has been on the move pretty much ever since, living all over the world and letting a myriad of cultures seep into his art. This survey features 50 of his works from the last three decades of a career that has often seen him satirising consumerist culture and the differences in representation between Western and non-Western cultures. The result: odd, erotic, exotic and sometimes nightmarish works that are pretty unnerving. Expect to see consumerist sculptures, mixed-media paintings and photography (occasionally all at once), in stuff that sometimes seems like high art, and sometimes seems obscenely grotesque.

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