Arrival: Screening + Sci-Fi Film Quiz

39 Deptford Broadway · Sun 24th Feb 15:30

Sci-Fi Sundays
Deptford Bridge
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Denis Villeneuve’s stunning science fiction thriller felt like an instant classic when it came out in 2016. So it makes sense that it’s this month’s pick for Sci-Fi Sunday’s at Deptford Cinema - DC’s monthly film club that’s themed around ‘Contact’ for this season. The film is a timely look at our current state of global affairs as a linguist (Amy Adams) is tasked with finding a way to communicate with newly arrived alien visitors. The escalating drama puts our current anxieties, distrust and global warmongering under an unflattering spotlight. As is to be expected with Villeneuve, the film is gorgeous and well paced. Adams is also fantastic, giving a performance that breathes with pain and compassion as she deals with the loss of a child and the literal weight of the world together. The film will be followed by a sci-fi film quiz, because why the hell not?

Tickets: £6

Sunday 24th February
15:30 - 23:00
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