Antonieta 'Neta' Fernandes Manhão at Carousel

71 Blandford Street

Chinese Portuguese Fusion
Marble Arch
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There are excellent restaurants and then there's Carousel: a warm and welcoming spot which invites a top chef to guest in the kitchen every month on rotation, like a carousel. So what to expect on the menu really depends on who's in the kitchen and this week it's Antonieta 'Neta' Fernandes Manhão - longest name ever! Neta (thank flip she shortened her name) is half Portuguese, half Chinese from Macao, just across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. Bringing the little known local Macanese cuisine which blends Portuguese and Chinese flavours with bits from Africa, India and South East Asia - wowzer. What does this mean for you? It means family-style dishes like minchi, (sautéed minced pork and beef) or casquinha de caranguejo (crab meat baked in its shell with olives, spring onion, turmeric and breadcrumbs). Exciting stuff.

Tickets: £39.50

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