Andreas Gursky

Southbank Centre

Limits of Human Perception
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The Hayward Gallery has made a triumphant return with its new vaulted pyramid ceilings and a staggering photography exhibition from the revered German photographer Andreas Gursky - widely regarded as being the most significant photographer about. He shoots huge scale, high vantage shots of mesmerisingly intricate compositions depicting human existence and contemporary life. Strange nightclub scenes, meticulously ordered factories of production, frenzied stock exchanges and vast landscapes - this is about finding those emblematic locations of the global economy and what Gursky calls "the encyclopedia of life." This retrospective goes back to the early 80s with 60 of the photographer's images that occasionally shift into the realms of abstract painting. As much about the way the world is formed as the pleasure there is in seeing, this is definitely not one to let pass you by. The show ends on the 22nd April, so if you've been dawdling, sort it out, mate. This is not one to miss.

Tickets: £16

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