Anders als Die Andern: Screening with Live Band

25 Laurie Grove · Tue 15th Jan 19:30

Queer Cinema History
New Cross Gate
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It's quite possible you've never heard of this film, but in our humble opinion it really is a fundamental part of any queer education. Way back when in 1919, the genre-defining Anders als Die Andern was the first film advocating for homosexual law reform. Things have come a long way for the LGBTQ struggle since then, but it's always important to look back at its origins. The film was the brainchild of director Richard Oswald and sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, was banned upon release and later burned by the Nazis. It just goes to show how dangerous and subversive the idea of queer liberation was at the time. Wonder what they'd say today about all the queer content we put out into the world. Sorry not sorry.

Tickets: Free

Tuesday 15th January
19:30 - 21:00
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