Altered Minds | Virtual Futures Salon

24 Endell Street · Tue 21st Mar 18:30

The Effects of VR on the Brain
Covent Garden
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At some point or another we've probably all heard our parents or teachers warn us about the evil-doing of virtual reality on our young, impressionable brains. Turns out, VR has actually been proven to be an effective treatment for reducing chronic pain and normalising the flight or fight response of people with PTSD. Of course, there are drawbacks as well, but on the whole VR is a whole lot more than most people give it credit for. Join Mark Farid, an artist who lived immersed in VR for 28 days, and industry experts Prof. Pam Kato, Dr. Dave Rannyard, and Prof Lucia Valmaggia, to dissect the reality of virtual reality. They'll touch on the moral ins and outs of using simulated environments to alter consciousness.

Tickets: £12.50

Tuesday 21st March
18:30 - 21:00
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