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Changing Status of The Photo
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Every day, 350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook and 95 million shared on Instagram; we reckon photography probably wants to put its feet up for a bit. With that sheer volume of imagery, this looks like a super timely exploration of what is arguably THE medium of our time. Here 11 contemporary artists look to map, visualise, question and assess photography's cultural value at a time when the boundaries between real and fake are so blurred; the 'like' sharing economy is so dominant; and when photos are so linked to bots, crowd-sourced workers and AI. Yeah it's an (aptly) photographic deep dive that'll take us to normally unseen corners such as the human labour involved in moderating and Google Street View photographers. Some people dig the image-saturated world we're living in; some people don't. Here's the evidence for you to make up your own mind on just where it is we're heading. Estimated dwell time: 45 mins

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