South Asian/UK Cultural Exchange
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Basically, the UK owes a shit ton to the British-South Asian community. Without them, we'd all be eating Sainsbury's sausage rolls for every meal and probably be wearing monochrome bin bags. That's not a world we want to live in, so get your ass to the Southbank Centre and pay your dues to the UK's largest diaspora at this 10-day festival showcasing the dynamic creativity and cultural connections between South Asia and the UK. Events run the gamut from theatre, to dance, to live music, and everything in between. We're especially digging the sound of Ambreen Razia's coming-of-age play 'The Diary of a Hounslow Girl'; Ravi Shankar's magical, mythical opera Sukanya; Bollywood prodigies Vishal & Shekhar playing live; Sufi vocalist Rafi Peer singing her mystical melodies; and much more. Some events are free, but some require booking - check the individual events on Southbank's website for more information.

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