A Clockwork Orange - Book and Film Club

39 Deptford Broadway · Sun 14th Oct 14:30

Ultra-violent Screening and Chat
Deptford Bridge
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We’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that there’s a cross section of people out there who are into film AND books and have ample spare time to pursue their hobbies. Well, Deptford Cinema seem to have arrived at a similar conclusion and have set up the DC Book & Film Club. Every second Sunday of the month, punters can come along and spend their afternoon watching a film adaptation or writer’s biopic followed by a casual chat upstairs in the bar. Sounds pretty darn lovely if you ask us. This month they’ll be digging into the twisted world created by Anthony Burgess and brought to the screen by Stanley Kubrick with a screening of A Clockwork Orange. Banned from cinemas for decades, this dystopic tale of nihilism, juvenile delinquency and ‘ultra-violence’ charts a sadistic crime spree of a gang, the leader's capture and subsequent attempts at experimental rehabilitation. Plenty to natter about over a Sunday cuppa then!

Tickets: £6

Sunday 14th October
14:30 - 17:30
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