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Free - £20
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This looks like one of those arty happenings that you'll look back on in 20 years time and say, yeah I was there. Or at least that you knew it was going on, which is really half the battle. 10 Days 6 Nights takes the idea of a static art show and gives it a revamp as an intergenerational selection of artists enter the vast spaces of the Tate's tanks and stage their work that will evolve over time. The artists on show will create images of networks and forms of participation that link natural environments with social media, organic and technological, human and non-human. What that means is fog sculptures; installations that rework electricity; and occasions that combine music, food, drink and perfume to create an alternative environment for dance, discussions and invited musicians. Yes, that's art. The daytime installations are free to go to, whilst the night events are ticketed, taking their cue from the daytime goings-on to showcase both established and emerging artists working across performance, film, sound and dance. This stuff is ticketed at around £20.

Tickets: Free - £20

TicketsFree - £20
Telephone020 7887 8888
Friday 24th March
10:00 - 18:00
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